My Day On A Plate – July 28th

What a beautiful day it’s been! Feeling so blessed to have had the day I’ve had, answering so many beautiful emails from inspiring fans and internet service providers.

BEC Day on Plate1
To make my warm water and lemon, add some lemon to some boiling water, then by the time you’ve taken a photo of it to blog and Instagram it’ll be ready to enjoy!

Here’s what I ate today:

4.00 AM Warm water and lemon

6.30 AM A whole cabbage! (keeping the cabbage whole keeps all the nutrients in tact!)

10.00 AM An almond

4.00 PM I was feeling full after my almond, so I only had a small salad of kale.

6.30 PM Oven baked atlantic salmon with seasonal vegetables, or whatever’s good this time of year.

8.30 PM Who doesn’t like something sweet for dessert?? Me. I had a stick of celery.

What did you eat today?

Love you all!

Bec xx

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