You Can Win Friends With Salad!

My  crowd pleasing Kale and Parmesan salad!
My crowd pleasing Kale and Parmesan salad!

Whenever I’m out with friends I always insist on bringing a salad (even if we’re meeting at a restaurant). I feel much better enjoying delicious greens instead of the fatty overcooked garbage served up my other friends (I’m looking at you Helen! Seeing that plate of sandwiches garnished with non-organic-free-range-sustainably-sourced-biodynamically-grown parsley made me want to vom in my mouth)

Last week the gang organised a quick get together, and I only found out at the last minute (Helen did the invites, yet another task she cannot do). I was in a real rush!

Bloody Helen
Bloody Helen

So I cut short my 5 hour meditation, and with a few pantry staples whipped up this absolutely delicious green salad in no time at all!

Needless to say they were blown away! All they could say was “You shouldn’t have!” and “This is too good to eat!” and “Get out of my house!” (That was Helen).

So if you need help impressing people (take note Helen!) here’s the recipe for my ultimate crowd pleasing salad!

Note: I’m using raw nuts in this salad, but you can activate them to give you a slightly nuttier nut flavour and an added boost of vitamins and minerals and vitaminerals and mineritamals.

Love Bec xx

Kale, roughly shredded
1 Cucumber
1 Cup of Pine Nuts
1/2 cup of Currants
Olive Oil
Juice of one Lemon
Salt & Pepper
1. Place the kale, cucumber, pine nuts, currants and parmesan in a large bowl and toss. As in mix, not throw out.
2. To make the dressing, combine olive oil, salt and pepper and the juice of one lemon and toss. The lemon.
3. Then dress the salad!
4. Then dress yourself!

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