My Day On A Plate – August 6th

Hi guys!! What I love about healthy eating is that there are so so so many different ways to nourish your body with delicious healthy produce – it’s not all about smoothies I promise!! Here’s what I ate today:

Bec berry smoothie1

6.00 AM My breakfast smoothie!

10.00 AM My morning smoothie! 

12.30 PM My lunch smoothie!

1.45 PM My pre workout smoothie!

1:55 PM My post pre workout smoothie!*

2:55 PM My pre post workout mid afternoon smoothie!

4:00 PM My post pre post workout pre late afternoon smoothie!**

4:55 PM Another post pre post workout pre late afternoon smoothie! (Although by this time it was post pre late afternoon, so I added goji berries)

6.30 PM Herb Crusted Salmon with heirloom tomatoes and an asparagus beurre blanc reduction (in a smoothie)

9:00 PM My Dessert Smoothie (this is just my Breakfast smoothie with artichokes)

Let me know what you ate today!

Love you guys so much!
Bec xx

*This is a combination of all of my smoothies blended into one super smoothie
**Technically this is a juice

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